GSM Dialer (Dialer nxt)

It is a highly cost effective GSM dialer works on normal SIM-card and GSM-dongle which is easy to start & allows making connection with more than one GSM-dongle.

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GSM Dialer – Dialer Nxt

  • We always wonder when our phone rings & we listens sweet voice for selecting caller-tunes.It’s nothing but a dialer.
  • Computer dials out number & play human voice for alerting or reminding something.
  • Dialer nxt is the cost-effective solution, to broadcast your voice messages quickly.

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Compatible with

Compatible with GSM-Dongle

Excel file

No Internet Required

Broadcast voice

Broadcast Voice in Any Language

Excel file

Excel File Integration

Auto-start & auto connect

Auto-start & Auto Connect

Retry & Recall

Retry & Recall Functionality

SMS & voice

SMS & Voice Call Log

password protection

Password Protection

Features of GSM Dialer (Dialer nxt)

  • Solution is based on GSM-dongle & normal SIM-card.
  • No costly voice-card requires.
  • Facility of excel file integration for dialing numbers, & facility to select audio file for voice broadcasting.
  • Option to disconnect incoming call, while voice broadcasting is going on.
  • SIM card voice-plan gets applicable.
  • Application & setting-change passwordprotection for advance security.
  • Auto-connect & auto-start functionality.
  • Quick call functionality.

Benefits of GSM Dialer (Dialer nxt)

  • Lowest cost dialer option available inthe market.
  • No internet, server or cloud required, works directly from your computer
  • Instant start just requires single computer/laptop with USB port & window family O.S.
  • 15 days full functional software with 10 seconds broadcasting time.

Applicable Areas of GSM Dialer (Dialer Nxt)

  • Health Care
  • Event Management
  • Business
  • Call Centre
  • Education Institute
  • Charter Accountant
  • Bank & Financial
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Government
  • Automobile Transportation
  • Agriculture


  • Payment due notification
  • Payment received confirmation
  • Transaction alerts
  • Integrate with ERP
  • Integrate with attendance
  • School closure notification
  • Fee reminder
  • Password reset notification
  • Server downtime notification
  • Event invitation reminder
  • Important news broadcast

Hardware Requirement

  • Windows 7,8,8.1, 1GHz onward machine with 512MB RAM, 500MB space.
  • Compatible with voice enabled GSM dongle

  • Connect GSM-dongle with
    valid SIM card to computer.
  • Start Dialer nxt software,
    enter numbers to dial.
  • Select voice file to broadcast
  • just click START