Telecom & DTH Recharge
It is a web-based interface for single machine connected to recharge SIM card or DTH. This solution allows to recharge more than one SIM card from network or single machine. It facilitates complete SIM accounting and inventory. Compare to manual recharge it is time saving and cost-effective robust solution.
Software Extensions
We have time-tested & proven ready to use modules that easily combined with your existing solutions. We have SMS, Voice, Location, Sensor & other lots of modules, that helpful in value-additions of your existing software.
Innovation and solution-building is never ending process. As we all knows change is here forever! If you have game changing idea and you believe that we can execute & deliver your dream to society effectively , than we are ready to do partnership with you.
Technical Consultancy
Technology is changing every day , there is number of ways to resolve same issues, but main expertise is delivering the optimized solution for the problem.