Raspberry PI & Beagle Board Programming

Raspberry PI, beagle board are cost-effective high performance development board, we are exploring opportunity for our existing product.

Home & Building Automation

Home automation is not a new term, but not exact need-addressing product available in the market so we have some of the cost-effective home & building automation system.

Asterisk VoIP Solutions

Open source telephony is always a demanding solution for SMB. IVR, dialers, call-centre & PBX solutions are some of the areas that we are going to address.

Physical Security Solutions

Physical security is emerging term. With combination of biometric, video-analytics, RFID & indoor tracking, we can archive total security solution.


Indoor asset or person tracking is challenge for any company, whose premises are expanded in multiple building. We are evaluating various techniques to answer this question.

UHF RFID Based Attendance And Tracking

RFID is the emerging technology, with the help of the long range reader it is easy to track assets indoor . We are exploring solutions based on long range RFID reader .

Indoor GSM Tracking

GSM cell-site based location is not as accurate as Wi-Fi or UHF RFID based solutions, but it gives some tentative idea, it is complimentary technology when GPS signals are not available.

CAN Bus Integration With VTS

Now a day’s almost all vehicle equipped with CAN bus (OBD) facility. We are trying to integrated CAN bus data to integrate with existing VTS.


It’s always human dream to see things with all required information! Augmented reality is something that combines real and virtual -information.


Video analytics has infinite possibilities every new project has some unique demand, from object speed measurement to object dimension measurement.

Computer Based Gesture Reorganization Project

As per research future of next user-interface is gesture. Person just shakes his hands in the air to trigger the actions.

Optical Markup Reader (OMR)

For education institute checking result of the student is most tedious job ever . OMR is the alternative of it.

AMR & Smart Grid

Automatic Meter Reading is biggest challenge for energy distributing company. We are exploring Power-line communication & GSM technology for energy meter reading.

Multi Port GSM Modem

Pool of GSM-Modem requires for bulk recharge & bulk SMS activity. We are building our own GSM-Modem Pool that integrates with our multi-recharge system.

Mobile & Finger Print, RFID Card Reader Integration

Mobile & fingerprint reader is best combination for remote area access-control deployment.

Embedded GSM Dialer

Embedded GSM dialer gets attached with number of security & automation system. Its main functions are based on sensor operation send SMS or dial GSM-Call.

Mobile & Embedded Unit Integration

Sensing physical world from mobile is emerging requirement, example as temperature, humidity, or wind-speed.

Advance Mobile SIP Client

We have build asterisk based IP-PBX, IVR, Dialer & Voice-box solutions. To access advance functionality of IP-PBX.

Paper Attached Electronics

Paper is no more passive; adding electronics along with paper-book is new trend in marketing. Sensors & voice integration along with battery optimization is main areas to consider .

GSM Based Security Systems

It’s a thumb rule, crime & crises increases simultaneous. We are planning to build innovative & flexible GSM-based security system that address almost all security system demands.

Secure GSM-Data Communication

Sensor data is small & may possible its sampling time is also very long. For similar requirements, GSM based data communication is highly cost effective.

WebRTC, Browser Based Video Conferencing Solution

Now a day’s almost all services are available on cloud, now we are not sure, which operating system client is using. We are exploring opportunity of WebRTC in video-conferencing space.

Green House & Agriculture Automation

More & more farmers are implementing green-house, because of un-predictable environment conditions.

Weighing Scale Integration

Weighing scale or load-cell integration with mobile, computer & embedded system is our area of research.

Human Body Sensor Integration

We all are more conscious about mobiles & our vehicle, but careless about our body. Doing research work that brings wellness in our life.

Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Communication interface between human brain & external world. Know as mind-machine interface (MMI).

Quad Copter UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

Our main focus is common man pain-point resolving with Drone. Some of the examples are delivering moderate weight goods, emergency medicine or food deliver etc.

Video On Demand

Solution facilities, all interesting content stored at one place & with the help of the mobile, user can start playing instantly on screen or projector.

Live TV Stream Editing

Our solution facilitates to add text, images & video over T .V . broadcasting content. Even full screen view also possible to set.

Portable 3D Printer

Quick prototyping is the area, where 3D printers save time & efforts. Before building actual product, it is necessary to build its prototype, to make final corrections.

Cloud Based Liquid Flow Sensor Monitoring

Solution shows exact consumed fuel or water on cloud. easy to know usage-pattern that helps in future decision making.

Digital Signage

We have built robust solution, so it's easy to manage all the screens centrally. Even possible to push content from server .

Remote Control Mobile App.(USB)

Mobile is common now a days, our app. replaces your TV or any electric appliance IR-remote with mobile-phone.

Remote Control Mobile App.(WiFi)

Replace your TV-remote or any electric appliance IR-remote with mobile-phone.

Remote Control Mobile Application(Blue Tooth)

Small device, connect with mobile OTA USB-port. Replace your TV-remote or any electric appliance IR-remote with mobile-phone. Highly cost effective.